Batman: The Animated Series-Gotham City Under Siege has you and up to 4 of your friends playing as Batman and his trusted allies. In each round you'll face off against a set of story cards all inspired by the first season of Batman: The Animated Series and roll a pool of dice to complete actions. You'll need to balance between cleaning up the streets of Gotham City and completing story missions in order to protect the city. Let too many civilians fall or buildings be destroyed, and there will be nothing left for Batman to protect! 1-5 players o Playable from ages 14+ o 45-60 minutes Patrol the city streets or prepare to attack from the rooftops of the 3D city. Play cards and spend dice to use heroic combat abilities or solve mysteries. Defeat deadly story cards, clear the streets of henchmen, and defeat the villainous bosses! Features 5 highly detailed miniatures.

Price: $49.99


Batman's enemies were thwarted in Gotham City Under Siege, but they've returned with a vengeance in the Masterminds & Mayhem expansion! In their latest attack, the Masterminds have brought deadlier weapons, like armored cars and massive explosives, and have taken to the streets to fight alongside their hired goons. The villains' tactics have also improved, with new Rooftop Villains and Act Leader Target mechanics. Don the cape once more and help protect Gotham City from these deadly new threats! 1-5 players o Playable from ages 14+ o 45-60 minutes The first expansion to the award-winning game featuring custom artwork. All-new Mastermind cards, including the Joker, Two-Face, and the Riddler. Additional ability cards plus new villains on the rooftops and Act Leader mechanics.

Price: $14.99


In Slap Cat!, you play as a mad scientist attempting to assemble the world's most adorable cat! Draft cards by quickly slapping them as they are revealed. Earn bonus points for kitty fedoras, bows, balls of yarn, and more. But be careful, slap too slow and you could be left with a hand full of fishbones! A fast-paced pizza-building building game featuring your favorite turtle toppings! Game design from Prospero Hall (Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle). Packaged in a collectible tin box!

Price: $19.99


The small island of Kuchinoshima has been hit by a terrible storm, leaving the village with only a single fishing boat. Each hoping to prove themselves the village's best fisherman, 2-4 players take turns moving the boat marker around the island, collecting any fish tiles they land upon. At the end of the day, the player with the best haul wins, but there's a twist - each player's score is added to their left neighbor's score before determining the winner! August release. * 2-4 players * Playable from ages 10+ * 30 minutes * 42 gorgeous full color acrylic tiles and game board by Kwanchai Moriya. * Game design from Alex Randolph and Bruno Faidutti.

Price: $29.99


Designed by Jon Gilmour and based on the comic series by Jim Zub & Steven Cummings, Wayward is a cooperative game for 1 to 5 players. Each player takes on the role of a teenager with newly found supernatural abilities, fighting for their own survival and to prevent the Weave, the hidden threads of power and destiny that guide our world, from unraveling. Choose one of five different scenarios to play, each with unique rules, components, and win conditions, then work together to defeat swarms of Yokai and shut down their places of power! Key Selling Features - A cooperative threat management game based on the popular comic series - Includes 5 unique scenarios with unique objectives - Game design from Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter; Dinosaur Island) Game design by Jon Gilmour / Art by Steven Cummings, Tamra Bonvillain, and Tony Vargas Game Content: 5 Character Sheets 5 Scenario Sheets 5 Character Standees 5 Standee Bases 1 Gashadokuro Boss Token 1 Genkuro Boss Token 1 Tsuchigumo Boss Token 27 Kitsune Tokens 5 Kitsune Reference Tokens 49 Dice Tokens 6 Proxy Tokens 1 Upgrade Point Tracking Token 39 Counter Action Tiles 65 Jorogumo Influence Tiles 52 Event Cards 30 Green Yokai Cards 30 Blue Yokai Cards 30 Red Yokai Cards 30 Item Cards 23 Tracking Cubes 8 White Yokai Attack Dice 7 Yellow Yokai Attack Dice 6 Black Yokai Attack Dice 1 Game Board 1 Weave Board 1 Rulebook Ages: 14+ No. of Players: 1 - 5 Game Length: 60 min. Type of Game: Cooperative / Threat Management Manufacturer: IDW Publishing, LLC.

Price: $59.99


Red Sonja: Hyrkania's Legacy is a cooperative, modular-adventure board game for 1-4 players, expandable to 6. The game allows players to participate as one of their favorite Red Sonja Comic Book characters ranging from the Barbarian Osin, the famous Red Sonja herself. These heroes will champion all that is the Hyborian good in 90 minutes as the players travel across the realm of Hyrkania and face dangerous warriors, mythical beasts and the walking souls that haunt the lands. Collect lore-enriched relics, artifacts, weapons and special awards under a heated deadline while re-telling some of Red Sonja's best adventures in comic book and open source fictions history! This game will challenge you and excite you. Everything you need is provided at the gaming table, just bring your friends, your love of Red Sonja (knowledge of Red Sonja lore optional), and your thirst for adventure! Onward to a world of high adventure!

Price: $39.99


Hey there, gamer! It's time to take a break from the game console and share your love for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with your family and friends gathered around this fun and exciting Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game. Customized to the super-popular game from Nintendo, it brings you villager tokens and new ways to play, with collecting and world-building and of course bells. Roll the special die to see what surprises await you under every Animal Crossing-themed card. There's also a Nook's Cranny die that determines which type of resources can be sold. Play and watch as your island grows into something amazing!

Price: $24.99


The Expanse is vast, and traversing the space between worlds in the solar system requires a ship. For a crew, a ship is freedom, home, safety, and a source of income, but also a source of responsibility and often debt. Out in space, other ships are potential targets, allies, or threats. The Ships of the Expanse offers details on many of the kinds of space ships characters in an Expanse game might encounter, or perhaps even own. From shuttles and racing pinnaces to lumbering ice-haulers and massive warships, the sourcebook describes them all. Ships of the Expanse also features information on space stations and new rules for maintenance and repair, buying and selling cargo, new stunts and hazards, and much more.

Price: $34.95


The Grand Creators wills 3 new strategies into existence and features a brand-new, World Premiere Spell Card for Inzektors, the winner of the 2020 Create-A-Card Project, selected by the Yu-Gi-Oh! community! In addition, 15 more cards, a mix of old and new cards, will become Collector's Rares in this 60-card booster set. 12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box.

Price: $3.99


The Dark Knight is here to strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere! For over 80 years, the Caped Crusader has protected Gotham City and the world of DC Comics and you can join him on his ongoing adventures when you put together this 1,000 piece puzzle.

Price: $17.49