Welcome to Collector's Paradise Online Pre-Order Catalog

Every month, our new software allows you to pre-order comic books, graphic novels and so much more, from all three of our locations, sending the order to us for approval and follow up. This guarantees that whatever items you would like to order, will be yours, whether Collector's Paradise chooses to carry them for the rest of our customers or not.

Basically, it's like doing the old Previews catalog, but in a new, more modern and digital way. Unlike Previews, our Monthly Order form is broken down by Product categories, so you can look at all the new comic book offerings, without having to wade through pages of t-shirts and statues. And if you are into those things, you can check them out easily, in their own section.

Doing the order through this catalog as a pre-order will give you 10% discount on all comic books (except ratio variants) and you will still receive the 20% book club credit on all graphic novels pre-ordered. Merchandise discounts apply on a lot of items at 10% discount, but not all merchandise is possible to discount, so we will let you know if the item is eligible for discount.

So, fill up your cart, and submit your order to us (it goes to us through email). We will get back to you with any adjustments or any pre-payment requirements, if necessary.

Thank you,
Team Collector's Paradise